Lymphangioma of the mediastinum as a cause of chylopericardium.

I C de Menezes, G Araújo e Sá, A Damião, M Telo, F M Martins, M M Macedo


Chylopericardium is a rare from of pericardial effusion. A case of a ten-year-old female patient with a chylopericardium incidentally detected during a mild respiratory infection through cardiac enlargement at the chest X ray is reported. The techniques used to achieve this diagnosis are described, a special emphasis being put on the CT-scan and lymphangiography, which have not been used in such cases so far. These techniques provided very useful data which were determinant for the success of the proposed therapy. This and other cases reported in the paper indicate that the most common cause of primary chylopericardium is a mediastinal lymphangioma.

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