Pregnancy and endocrinopathy. Activity, pathology and results at the outpatient obstetrics-endocrinology clinics of the University of Coimbra Hospitals--January 1980 through December 1988.

M Carvalheiro, I Fagulha, L Gomes, F Rodrigues, I Paiva, A Fagulha, M Bastos, F Carrilho, E Geraldes, A Ruas


The authors have elaborated a statistic survey about the pregnant women with endocrinopathies, that they have examined in the outpatient clinic from January of 1980 to December of 1988. Three hundred and twenty four women were examined in an amount of 2152 (two thousand one hundred and fifty two) observations. The incidence for 100 births was 0.54%. Maternal and fetal mobility and mortality were analysed in correlation with the maternal area of endocrinopathy (Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid, Hypophysis and Adrenal Glands) and with the necessary therapeutic regimens. At last the A.A. made some considerations about the importance of a team approach in this area of medical care, and applied to the clinicians who work in primary care, to a better collaboration.

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