Conservative treatment of breast cancer. Experience of the Consultation Group of Breast Oncology of the Santa Maria Hospital.

M Jorge, M E Silvestre, M do C Pinto, O Valério, B da Costa, L Cristina


Since 1983, the Oncology Breast Group Consultation of the H.S.M. has been practicing a Conservative Treatment in women with early stage breast carcinoma. So far, 61 women stages I and II, were submitted to Conservative Treatment, which consists of limited Surgery, followed by Radiotherapy. 20 patients had performed associated systemic therapy, because they presented axillary positive lymphnodes. 10 of there were pre-menopause and they had performed Chemotherapy and the other 10 were post-menopause receiving Hormonotherapy. Of the 61 patients that constitute this series, two had local failure; two had hepatic metastasis and another two had secondary neoplasms. The remaining 55 are in good condition. In 54 patients with follow-up superior to 3 month oesthetical evaluation revealed excellent results in 26 cases, good in 24, medium (fair) in 6, middling in one and bad in 4. Follow-up varies between 3 months and 6 years, and it is not possible to present results of 5 years survival because almost all patients have a follow-up of less than 2 years.

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