Carla Gonçalves, Ana Pimentel, Sara Leitão, Rui M Santos, J Nascimento Costa


Lithopedions are extremely rare conditions. Less than 300 cases were described worldwide. We report a case occurring in a woman of 77 years of age, admitted with dehydration, urinary tract infection and infected limb pressure ulcers. She had been recently admitted in a Surgery ward for incarcerated umbilical hernia. At the time the abdominal examination revealed a mass with about 10 cm in diameter, with petrous consistency, adherent to the deep plans around the umbilical regium and the hypogastrium. This finding was interpreted as a probable left renal tumor. The abdominal X-ray revealed voluminous calcified mass and the CT-scan showed to be a lithokelyphopedion with about fifty years, of a full term pregnancy.

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