Primary Meningococcal Septic Arthritis in a Two Month Old Infant

Teresa Jacinto, Helena Rego, Juan Gonçalves, Virgílio Paz Ferreira


Meningococcal septic arthritis, ocurring without signs of sepsis, is rare, including at pediatric age. The confinement of infection to a single articulation (monoarticular form) is even rarer in infections by Neisseria spp. We discuss the case of a two month-old caucasian girl, presenting with fever and persistent crying during nappy change. Absence of clinical sepsis was notable. She had had no previous anti-meningococcal immunizations. The ultrasound of the left hip revealed the presence of intra-articular fluid. Culture of the purulent
sample after drainage by arthrotomy produced Neisseria meningitidis. She had a good clinical response to the antibiotics. Follow-up showed no sequels. Albeit a rare entity, primary meningococcal arthritis is a mandatory differential diagnosis concerning a feverish child with articular complaints.
Keywords: Arthritis, Infectious; Infant; Meningococcal Infections; Neisseria meningitidis.

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