Incidental Asymptomatic Accessory Mitral Valve: a Differential Diagnosis for Intracardiac Mass

Esra Donmez, Taner Seker, Yahya Kemal Icen, Zafer Elbasan, Mustafa Gur, Murat Cayli


Accessory mitral valve is a rare entity which is commonly detected in children. It might present as a cause for left ventricular
outflow obstruction, aortic regurgitation or a source for thromboembolic event. Diagnosis is based on echocardiographic findings, transesophageally when possible. Usually treatment is not required however treatment decisions are based on associated abnormalities and symptoms. Our aim is to report a case which was referred to our clinic as a suspected intracardiac mass.
Keywords: Heart Defects, Congenital; Mitral Valve/abnormalities.

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