Relationship of pattern hyperlipidic intake with quality of diet, insulin resistance and homocysteinemia in adults.

Gustavo Duarte Pimentel, Fernando Moreto, José Eduardo Corrente, Kátia Cristina Portero-McLellan, Roberto Carlos Burini


To evaluate the association between the consumption of different dietary fats with the quality of the diet, insulin resistance, and hyperhomocysteinemia in adults.Cross-sectional study conducted with 624 overweight subjects (73.7% females). Assessments of food intake (24h food recall and health eating index-HEI), anthropometry, and biochemical assays of fasting glucose, insulin (HOMA-IR and ß calculus) and homocysteinemia were performed.The low quality of diet was associated with the vegetable oil at 3rd quintile (≥1.5-2.0 servings) showed risk 2.9 times and cholesterol at quintiles 2nd, 3rd, and 4th was 2.0 times. HOMA-IR was higher at 5th quintile of saturated fat (≥10,7% - total caloric value) with risk of 60% and hyperhomocysteinemia the vegetable oil at 3rd quintile (>1.5-2.0 servings) with risk of 12.0 times and 5th (≥3.5 servings) 7.1 times. However, significance disappeared when adjusted for anthropometric variables.Dietary fats were associated with the harm diet quality, insulin resistance, andhyperhomocysteinemia. However, associations are dependant of demographic variables, dietetic, and nutritional state.

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