The Response of Intensive Care Medicine in Situations of Multiple Victims and Catastrophe

João Paulo Almeida e Sousa


There is a change in attitude regarding critical patients in situations of multiple victims and disasters in order to give the better treatment to the largest number of patients.

Recent large-scale accidents, including terrorist attacks and biological warfare as the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2002/2003 and pandemic influenza have demonstrated the need for an adequate response from Intensive Care Medicine in those contexts.

It is essential, according to risk analysis, organizing and planning the response of the Intensive Care Units in accordance with its strategy to increase the capacity of beds in intensive care.

It is necessary a permanent preparation of the Intensive Care Units to face exceptional situations, giving focus to the training of professionals, triage and expansion of Intensive Care Units, emphasizing the role of intensivists in these cases.

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