Smoking in elderly in Brazilian homes for the aged.

Anderson A Carvalho, Lucy Gomes, Adriano Bueno Tavares


To know the prevalence of elderly individuals (more than 60 years old), who are regular smokers, interned in Homes for the Aged in Distrito Federal.13 Homes for the Aged were studied in Distrito Federal. The identification of the smokers was made through the information given by the local nursing staff, added to the researcher observation and the confirmation provided by the elderly individuals themselves. They were asked about the tobacco usage, the intention to quit smoking in the next 6 months and self-evaluation about the harmful aspects that smoking causes to their health.The prevalence was 17,3% (11,2% men and 6,1%women) (p < 0,05). The average age was of 68,6 (+ or - 8,6) years old, varing from 60 to 94 years old. The number of individuals with the intention to quit smoking: 63,6% - 46 (71,9%) men and 17(48,6%) women (p <0,05). Self-evaluation about the harmful aspects that smoking causes to health: 58,6% of the individuals do think that smoking is harmful to their health (p < 0,05).There is a great number of elderly smokers who are interned in Homes for the Aged, and so the implementation of measures to control the smoking is necessary at these places.

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