Teaching doctor-patient communication - a proposal in practice.

Irene P Carvalho, Raquel Ribeiro-Silva, Vanessa G Pais, Margarida Figueiredo-Braga, Ivone Castro-Vale, Ana Teles, Susana S Almeida, Rui Mota-Cardoso


Traditionally, doctor-patient communication was considered a matter of and , and a topic for informal learning. Recently, studies have shown the importance of communication skills in medical practice. Doctor-patient communication skills, such as knowing how to listen, how to observe, and how to inform are today considered important components of Medical Education, although they are often difficult to integrate in Medical Curricula. In the current work, the authors describe the program of Communication in the Doctor-Patient Relationship, initiated in 2001 in the Medical School of the University of Porto, part of its undergraduate program. Future studies will allow us to assess the effectiveness of the learning and application of these skills in clinical practice.

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