Validation of a questionnaire to evaluate alcohol related behaviours in excessive drinkers.

João Breda, Maria Daniel Vaz de Almeida


The excessive consumption of alcohol and alcoholic drinks is an habit with high socioeconomic costs and a strong impact on health that requires research aiming at establishing adequate political options concerning trends, observed behaviours and consumption.To validate an instrument to evaluate the consumption of the different kinds of alcoholic drinks and alcohol-related behaviours; to assess the determinants of alcoholic drinks consumption.Validation study of an instrument to assess alcohol-related behaviours.Coimbra.Excessive alcohol consumers.Cross-sectional study based on a questionnaire and biochemical markers assessment, aiming to validate an instrument to evaluate alcohol consumption and alcohol-related behaviours.A correlation between age at first contact with alcohol and the beginning of the regular consumption(r = 0,72; p < 0,001) was found. Alcohol consumption in the last 12 months correlated with - % CDT (r = 0,54; p < 0,001) and with γ-GT (r = 0,47; p < 0,001).The validity of the instrument developed to evaluate alcohol-related behaviours is acceptable and therefore it may be used to establish hierarchy between levels of alcohol consumption defined by categories of ingestion and negative consequences.

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