Klebsiella pneumoniae from K1 and Hypervirulent Clone ST23: First Documented Case in Portugal

Aida Pereira, Tiago Petrucci, Maria João Simões


The hypervirulent K1 serotype Klebsiella pneumoniae is responsible for a new invasive syndrome, typically associated to hepatic abscesses with extra-hepatic complications. Initially described in Taiwan, it has significantly spread to several Asian countries and more recently to Europe and North America, thus constituting an emerging and global problem. The authors describe a case report of a 64-years-old portuguese caucasian woman without any previous diseases or epidemiological risk factors such as trips or contact with Asian products or population, diagnosed with a pyogenic liver abscess with pleural effusion caused by this hyper-virulent strain. A successful clinical cure was achieved after the etiological identification and treatment with antimicrobial therapy combined with catheter drainage. This is the first identification of hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumonia ST 23 clone in Portugal in the context of an invasive syndrome.


Klebsiella Infections; Klebsiella pneumonia; Liver Abscess; Portugal

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