Changes of food habits during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Joana Pinheiro, Daniela Seabra


Many women have incorrect notions of what they can eat during pregnancy and/or breast-feeding, due to preconceived ideas or myths related with the ingestion of some types of food. The aim of this study was to evaluate the alteration of food habits in pregnant women and identifying the myths related with eating habits in pregnant and breast-feeding women. A questionnaire of food habits alteration in pregnant women, the origin of the alterations and the reasons for such, as well as the eventual knowledge about which food interferes with pregnancy and/or breast-feeding and the Information about the alteration of weight during pregnancy and relevant clinical history were asked. The data were analysed though SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), version13.0 for Windows. This study shows that although the majority of the alterations of food eating habits were done in a proper manner, there are still many inadequate or unnecessary food habit changes done in an empirical form, or based on myths, or indicated by some health professionals.

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