Medical Residency´ Satisfaction in Portugal

Miguel Bigotte Vieira, Pedro Godinho, Nuno Gaibino, Raquel Dias, Agostinho Sousa, Inês Madanelo, Francisco Ribeiro-Mourão, Mariana Brandão, Sónia Duarte, Tiago Meirinhos, Ana Luísa Catarino, Cláudio Espírito Santo, Ricardo Caiado, Ricardo Marques, Ana Gonçalves Ferreira, Carlos Ramalheira, João Valente Jorge, Marta Losada, Mário Santos, Edson Oliveira, João Paulo Farias, José Manuel Silva


Introduction: In the last years, the global context of medical education and Medical Residency programs in Portugal suffered substantial changes. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate and characterize medical residents´ satisfaction with medical residency
programs in Portugal and to identify features that could be improved.
Material and Methods: We utilized as model the survey Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure that has been developed in the United Kingdom and is specifically targeted to medical residents. The survey was translated and adapted to the Portuguese reality. The survey was available online during April and May of 2016.
Results: A total of 3456 responses were obtained, corresponding to a response rate of 35%. Endocrinology/Nutrition, Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Family Physician and Gastroenterology were the specialties in which the degree of satisfaction was higher, while Forensic Medicine, Medical Oncology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Pneumology showed the lowest level of satisfaction.
Discussion: This study presented a high response rate when compared to previous studies. Portuguese medical residents presented high levels of satisfaction. Depending on year of medical residency, region, type of specialty and type of hospital marked asymmetries were noticed.
Conclusion: The survey´s results should constitute in the future a support tool for the implementation of local and national measures relating to the medical residency. It is advisable to regularly conduct satisfaction surveys to medical residents.


Education, Medical, Graduate; Educational Measurement; Internship and Residency; Personal Satisfaction; Portugal

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