Retroperitoneal Cellular Angiofibroma: A Rare Gynecological Entity

Ana Brandão, Sara Campos, João Fraga, Teresa Silva, Fernanda Águas


Cellular angiofibroma is a mesenchymal tumor, described in 1997, without gender preference, that usually appears at age 40. The vulvovaginal area is the most common site in women, mimicking vulvar benign tumors, like Bartholin gland cyst. However, there are a few described cases of a deep or extra-pelvic angiofibroma. Excision is the treatment of choice and the recurrence rate appears to be low. We present the case of a woman with a heterogeneous tumor in the right adnexial region. At the surgery, a retroperitoneal tumor was excised and the histopathological tissue analysis revealed a cellular angiofibroma.


Angiofibroma; Retroperitoneal Neoplasms

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