Severe Postpartum Coagulopathy Without Haemorrhage: A Case Report

Muriel Lérias-Cambeiro, Anabela Rodrigues, Inês Taborda, Filipa Lança


Postpartum haemorrhage is an important health issue worldwide, and it can be caused by uterine atony, retained placental tissue, trauma or coagulation disorders. Although coagulopathy represents a rare cause, it is a significant contributor to postpartum haemorrhage with poor outcomes. Associated with high morbidity and mortality rates, postpartum haemorrhage demands prevention, prompt diagnosis and effective management. We describe a unique case of severe coagulopathy caused by underestimated blood loss during caesarean section without postpartum bleeding, in which transfusion requirements were thromboelastometry-guided. This case report depicts how an early multidisciplinary approach and patient-centred care in an obstetric emergency contributes to a positive outcome from a challenging situation, enabling the prevention of an imminent, catastrophic haemorrhage.


Blood Coagulation Disorders; Blood Transfusion; Postpartum Hemorrhage; Thrombelastography

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