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Vol 1, No 1 (1979): Janeiro-Fevereiro Vasodilator agents in the treatment of chronic cardiac insufficiency. Abstract   PDF (Português)
A. Sales Luís
Vol 32, No 10 (2019): October Venous and Lung Thromboembolism in the Context of Lung Cancer: Clinical Manifestations, Risk Factors and Prognosis Abstract   PDF
Rosana Maia, Inês Neves, António Morais, Henrique Queiroga
Vol 16, No 3 (2003): May-June Venous cerebral thrombosis. Mechanical and chemical thrombolysis. Abstract   PDF (Português)
António Fernandes, Clara Ribeiro, Cristina Marques, João Reis
Vol 31, No 9 (2018): September Venous Thromboembolism in Pediatric Age: A 15 Year Retrospective Review Abstract   PDF (Português)
Joana Verdelho Andrade, Joana Magalhães, Catarina Resende, Dora Gomes, Gabriela Laranjo, Joana Campos, Elisabete Santos, Cristina Faria
Vol 24 (2011): Suplemento 2 Venous thromboembolism's risk assessment: rationale, objectives, and methodology--the ARTE study. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Ana França, Joaquim Abreu De Sousa, Paulo Felicíssimo, Daniel Ferreira
Vol 20, No 2 (2007): Março-Abril Ventilatory dysfunction in motor neuron disease: when and how to act?. Abstract   PDF (Português)
J Afonso Rocha, M J Miranda
Vol 24, No 2 (2011): Março-Abril Ventilatory weaning: rehabilitation strategies in intensive care setting. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Inês Machado Vaz, Maeco Maia, Ana M Castro E Melo, Afonso Rocha
Vol 10, No 6-7 (1997): Junho-Julho Verrucous herpes zoster in AIDS patients. Abstract   PDF (Português)
V Agusto, I Franca, K Mansinho, C Araújo, F Borges, J L Champalimaud, A Poiares-Baptista, C Martins, J L Ricardo
Vol 26, No 3 (2013): May-June Vertebral Metrics: Application of a New Mechanical Instrument to Evaluate the Spinal Abstract   PDF (Português)   PDF
Cláudia Quaresma, Inês Dias, Mário Forjaz Secca, João Goyri-O'Neill, Jorge Branco
Vol 32, No 11 (2019): November Very Low Birth Weight Infants in a Portuguese Intensive Care Unit and the Vermont Oxford Network: 15 Years of Registry Data Abstract   PDF (Português)
Joana Saldanha, Carlos Moniz, Maria do Céu Machado
Vol 16, No 1 (2003): January-February Vesical-sphincter dysfunction in the Parkinsonism. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Maria João Andrade, Ana Trêpa
Vol 15, No 3 (2002): Maio-Junho Viral hepatitis and pregnancy. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Anabela S Figueiredo, Artur S Cruz
Vol 20, No 6 (2007): November-December Viral hepatitis in travellers. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Cândida Abreu
Vol 7, No 6 (1994): Junho Viral infection and fibromyalgia. Abstract   PDF (Português)
J C Branco, V Tavares, I Abreu, R L Humbel
Vol 4, No 5 (1991): Setembro-Outubro Viral infections in intravenous drug addicts. Clinical and prognostic significance. Abstract   PDF (Português)
H Glória, F Ramalho, R Marinho, M Pedro, J Velosa, M C Moura
Vol 1, No 1 (1988): Janeiro-Fevereiro Viral particles identical to HTLV-I in lymphocyte cultures of an asymptomatic woman whose serum contained antibodies against HTLV-I and HTLV-III/LAV-I and LAV-II. Details   PDF (Português)
E A Cardoso, A M Terrinha, J F Nunes
Vol 25, No 6 (2012): November-December Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation: Why or Why Not? A Systematic Literature Review Abstract   PDF (Português)
Artemisa R Dores, Fernando Barbosa, António Marques, Irene P Carvalho, Liliana De Sousa, Alexandre Castro-Caldas
Vol 30, No 5 (2017): May Virtual Reality Simulation as a Tool to Monitor Surgical Performance Indicators: VIRESI Observational Study Abstract   PDF
Nuno Muralha, Manuel Oliveira, Maria Amélia Ferreira, José Costa-Maia
Vol 26, No 6 (2013): November-December Visceral Injury in Abdominal Trauma: A Retrospective Study Abstract   PDF (Português)   PDF
Sara Leite, António Taveira-Gomes, Hugo Sousa
Vol 20, No 4 (2007): July-August Visceral leishmaniasis and HIV infection in the HAART era. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Nuno Marques, S Cabral, R Sá, F Coelho, J Oliveira, J G Saraiva da Cunha, A Meliço Silvestre
Vol 6, No 11 (1993): Novembro Visceral leishmaniasis and HIV infection: the diagnostic and therapeutic problems. Abstract   PDF (Português)
P S Rocha, L Rebocho, L Alvoeiro, G Lourenço, R Branco, R M Victorino, M C de Moura
Vol 31, No 10 (2018): October Visceral Leishmaniasis Associated with Macrophage Activation Syndrome and Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage in a Lupus Patient Abstract   PDF
Andreia Costa, Cármen Pais, Sofia Cerqueira, Fernando Salvador
Vol 30, No 6 (2017): June Visceral Leishmaniasis in HIV-Infected Patients: The Challenge of Relapse and Treatment Failure Abstract   PDF (Português)   PDF
Patrícia Cipriano, Ana Cláudia Miranda, Isabel Antunes, Kamal Mansinho
Vol 4, No 4 (1991): Julho-Agosto Visual screening in children. Abstract   PDF (Português)
O A da Silva, J Henriques, F Pinto, C Neves
Vol 26, No 4 (2013): July-August Vital Prognosis in Advanced Cancer Patients: A Systematic Literature Review Abstract   PDF (Português)
Teresa Tavares, Edna Gonçalves
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