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Vol 34, No 3 (2021): March The Role of Pharmacovigilance in the COVID-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF (Português)
Renato Ferreira-da-Silva, Inês Ribeiro-Vaz, Manuela Morato, Ana Marta Silva, Jorge Junqueira Polónia
Vol 6, No 2 (1993): Fevereiro The role of radiotherapy in soft tissue sarcomas. Retrospective analysis of 115 cases treated from 1979 to 1988. Abstract   PDF (Português)
M B Patrício, M C Trindade, F Santos, M L Jorge, J S Raposo, M Neves
Vol 4, No 5 (1991): Setembro-Outubro The role of stents in endovascular surgery. Abstract   PDF (Português)
D da Cunha e Sá, A Damião, J Fernandes e Fernandes
Vol 31, No 11 (2018): November The Role of Testosterone in The Improvement of Sexual Desire in Postmenopausal Women: An Evidence-Based Clinical Review Abstract   PDF (Português)
Maria Gouveia, Raquel Sanches, Sara Andrade, Sara Carmona, Carolina Ferreira
Vol 11, No 12 (1998): Dezembro The Sézary syndrome. Abstract   PDF (Português)
F Ferreira, T M Correia, L Callabro, J Andrade
Vol 17, No 4 (2004): July-August The scientific activity and research in a central hospital: a retrospective analysis of ten years. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Luís Pereira-da-Silva, Sandra Afonso, António Marques
Vol 6, No 9-12 (1985): Setembro-Dezembro The second generation of very low-calorie diets. Abstract   PDF (Português)
A. Galvão-Teles
Vol 8, No 9 (1995): Setembro The semiology and classification of myoclonias. Abstract   PDF (Português)
R Almeida, M Gonçalves, J P Viana, J C Beirão
Vol 10, No 6-7 (1997): Junho-Julho The seroprevalence for hepatitis E viral antibodies in the northern region of Portugal (among the donor population). Abstract   PDF (Português)
L Queirós, J Condeço, A Tender, M Mateus, A Teixeira, H Pascoal
Vol 7, No 7-8 (1994): Julho-Agosto The sex distribution of congenital cardiopathies. Abstract   PDF (Português)
F Sampayo, F F Pinto
Vol 11, No 6 (1998): Junho The skin allograft reduces the incidence of mammary cancer in Co60-irradiated female mice. Abstract   PDF (Português)
W H Clode, M B Patrício, J A Ricardo
Vol 11, No 6 (1998): Junho The solitary pulmonary nodule. A retrospective study of 119 cases. Abstract   PDF (Português)
S Turpin, H Marques, P Costa, F Medeiros, M Ramos, J P de Oliveira
Vol 34, No 3 (2021): March The State of Portuguese-American Health Disparities Abstract   PDF
Carlos A.O. Pavão, Grayson E. Gunn, Rebecca G. Golden
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in cardiology: realities and perspectives of ischemic cardiopathy for the 90's. Details   PDF (Português)
R Ferreira
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in cardiothoracic surgery: development of thoracic surgery. Details   PDF (Português)
J Queiróz e Melo
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in immuno-allergology: histamine releasing factors (HRF). Abstract   PDF (Português)
A G Carlos
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in otology. Abstract   PDF (Português)
R Penha
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in pediatric cardiology. Details   PDF (Português)
F Sampayo
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in plastic and reconstructive surgery: a growing art. Abstract   PDF (Português)
J Boléo-Tomé
Vol 2 (1989): Suplemento 2 The state of the art in rheumatology: several historic notes. Details   PDF (Português)
R P Martins
Vol 34, No 13 (2021): Ahead of Print 34 The Stool Color Card as a Screening Tool for Biliary Atresia in the Digital Version of the Portuguese Child and Youth Health Booklet Abstract   PDF
Joanna Ashworth, Marta Tavares, Ermelinda Santos Silva, Ana Isabel Lopes
Vol 10, No 4 (1997): Abril The stress electrocardiogram in the evaluation of angina pectoris. Abstract   PDF (Português)
J Monteiro
Vol 6, No 5 (1985): Maio The suicidal adolescent and his family. Therapeutic assessment after the genogram. Details   PDF (Português)
D Sampaio, M F Martins
Vol 4, No 2 (1991): Março-Abril The terminal patient and psychotherapeutic approach. Abstract   PDF (Português)
A A Gomes, J C Melo
Vol 28, No 1 (2015): January-February The Tip of the Iceberg: Cutaneous Manifestations of Paediatric Diseases with Neurological Involvement Abstract   PDF (Português)
Ana Brasileiro, Paula Afonso, Filipa Diamantino, Maria João Paiva Lopes
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