Bisalbuminemia: A Rare Variant of Albumin


  • Carla Garcez Serviço de Pediatria. Hospital de Braga. Braga. Portugal.
  • Susana Carvalho Serviço de Pediatria. Hospital de Braga. Braga. Portugal.



Albumins, Blood Protein Disorders


Introduction: Bisalbuminemia is a qualitative disorder of albumin and it is defined by the coexistence in the same individual of two types of serum albumin with different electrophoretic mobility. There are two forms: hereditary and permanent, or acquired and transient.
Case Report: Girl, 17-years-old, referenced to the hospital consult after incidental finding of bisalbuminemia detected in plasma protein electrophoresis performed within the investigation of diminished muscular tone in the lower limbs. Physical examination was normal. Secondary causes of bisalbuminemia were excluded. Later, it was confirmed the same disorder in plasma protein electrophoresis performed to her 14-years-old brother and mother.
Discussion: We describe a rare case of hereditary bisalbuminemia in a portuguese family. In general, this condition shows no pathological significance, however it is of interest to the clinicians the knowledge of this analytic change for better orientation of their patients.


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