Validation of the Portuguese Version of the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale (PostopQRS)

André Biscaia, Pedro Amorim, Simão Esteves, Filipa Lagarto, Blandina Gomes, José Bismarck, Nuno Rodrigues, Mafalda Nogueira, Colin F. Royse


Introduction: The Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale is a brief instrument of six domains designed to assess quality of recovery from early to long term after surgery. This study aims to validate the Portuguese version of the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale.
Material and Methods: In this observational study 101 adult patients undergoing elective surgery completed the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale at 15 minutes and 40 minutes, one and three days after surgery. Three constructs were assessed for validity: increased recovery over time; effect of gender and recovery association with muscle strength. Reliability, responsiveness, feasibility and acceptability were also assessed.
Results: Construct validity was shown by increased recovery over time; worse recovery for female patients in emotive, nociceptive, activities of daily living and overall recovery; improved muscle strength in recovered patients. Internal consistency for activities of daily living was acceptable at all-time points (Cronbach’s α value of 0.772 or higher), indicating scale reliability. The scale was able to detect differences in postoperative quality of recovery between the neuromuscular blockade reversal agents, neostigmine and sugammadex, indicating scale responsiveness. The time to conduct the Portuguese version at baseline was 95 - 581 seconds (median 319 seconds) and it was reduced with subsequent assessments. The proportion of patients completing all scale items was 87%, 75%, 65% and 94% for the four time periods evaluated, indicating scale feasibility and acceptability.
Discussion: This study shows that the Portuguese version of the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale, demonstrates construct validity, reliability, responsiveness, feasibility and acceptability.
Conclusions: This study allowed validation of the Portuguese version of the Postoperative Quality Recovery Scale.


Anesthesia Recovery Period; Neuropsychological Tests; Portugal; Postoperative Period; Recovery of Function; Surveys and Questionnaire

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